"Running Man" and Park Ji-sung to travel to Thailand

"Running Man" and Park Ji-sung to travel to Thailand

15 May – Rumour has it that SBS' "Running Man" casts are filming in Thailand again with football star Park Ji-sung, and it was recently reported that the rumour is indeed true.

According to Allkpop website, an industry insider recently confirmed the news, stating that, "The "Running Man" team will leave for Thailand on 22 to 23 May and the filming dates were scheduled to line up with the 2nd Annual Asian Dream Cup."

He added that the episode then will be broadcasted on 27 May.

Meanwhile, the "Running Man" production is tight-lipped about the show. The insider added, "MBLAQ and SISTAR completed their "Running Man" filming on 7 May and the footage from that filming, as well as the upcoming footage with Park Ji Sung, is part of one larger project."

The Manchester United midfielder once revealed that he is a fan of the show. Park stated recently, "I'm a viewer who enjoys watching Running Man. I plan to meet with football fans through the Asian Dream Cup in Thailand."