Russia attacks Chernihiv, 8 dead and 18 wounded reported

Missile strike(illustrative photo)
Missile strike(illustrative photo)

Three missile strikes by Russia hit near the center of Chernihiv, leaving 8 dead and 18 wounded, Vyacheslav Chaus, Chernihiv regional governor reported on Telegram on April 17.

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“We have cilivian casualities, many wounded,” Chaus said.

According to acting mayor of Chernihiv, Oleksandr Lomako, as of 10:40 a.m. EET, eight people have been killed, 18 were wounded.

“Rescuers and medics are working, and an emergency headquarters has been set up.”

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He clarified that Russia had hit civilian and social infrastructure facilities in Chernihiv. All responsible services are now there. Hospitals are working in emergency mode and are already receiving first victims.

Earlier, Ukrainian Air Force warned of missiles fired in direction of Chernihiv. Explosions were heard in city. Air alerts were announced in nultiple oblasts, including Kyiv.

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Monitoring chats reported takeoff of a Russian MiG-31K fighter jet from Savasleyka airfield.

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