Russia boosts recruitment of foreign mercenaries for war against Ukraine — HUR

Russian troops
Russian troops

Russia has significantly intensified the recruitment of foreign mercenaries for the war against Ukraine, targeting manpower in Central Africa, including Rwanda, Burundi, Congo, and Uganda, the Main Intelligence Directorate of Ukraine (HUR) reported on Telegram on May 28.

A specially created unit of the Russian Ministry of Defense is responsible for recruiting mercenaries. The Russians lure foreigners with a starting payment of $2,000 for signing a contract, a monthly allowance of $2,200, health insurance, and a Russian passport for the "soldier" and his family.

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In early May, the Ukrainian Defense Intelligence (HUR) reported that mercenaries from Nepal were deserting the Russian army en masse. The agency noted that the mass desertion was caused by huge losses in "meat assaults," cruel treatment by field commanders, including extrajudicial executions for refusing to follow orders, and the theft of their promised money.

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