Russia changes tactics of conducting hostilities near Bakhmut - Ukrainian officer

Ukrainian soldiers
Ukrainian soldiers

Russian troops have changed the tactics of conducting military operations near Bakhmut, Volodymyr Nazarenko, an artillery officer of the 4th Rapid Reaction Brigade "Rubizh", said on the national television on April 24.

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He said that “Human wave assaults” by mercenaries could be witnessed last year.

"The enemy did not care about them, they were simply sent for disposal. Now we can see various tactics combination, trying to advance with a wide front."

Concerning Bakhmut or Eastern front –we have to take into account that it is tens to hundred kilometers territory where the enemy is trying to advance in one way or another, Nazarenko said.

The Russians now tend to use a large number of armored vehicles, UAVs and high-precision projectiles, which was not the case here a year ago, he emphasized. They also continue to use the tactics of small advance groups, several people each — a cover group, an assault group, ‘mopping group’, and evacuation one.

"They use light armored vehicles, landing force, with tanks. The enemy continues to use fire barrage tactics."

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Invaders are destroying cities and villages with artillery, guided aerial bombs have also been added, Nazarenko said.

"The enemy is improving his tactic,” he noted.

“We must obtain dominance in technologies in this situation."

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