Russia can launch up to 80 Kalibr missiles simultaneously

Kalibr missile (illustrative image)
Kalibr missile (illustrative image)

Russia has more than 60 boats and ships in the Black Sea, retired Ukrainian Navy Captain Andriy Ryzhenko said during a broadcast on Espreso TV.

At the start of the full-scale invasion, there were over 80 vessels, including those transferred from Russia’s Northern and Baltic Fleets.

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Russia also maintains four carriers of Kalibr missiles in the Caspian Sea. Considering all missile carriers in the Black and Caspian Seas, Russia can launch up to 80 Kalibr missiles simultaneously.

The Caspian Sea is crucial for Russia, facilitating military cargo transportation.

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“They try to keep the Caspian Sea under their control,” Ryzhenko said. “Russia’s initial strikes on Syria were also launched from the Caspian Sea.”

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Russia has resumed launching Kalibr missiles at Ukraine, though they likely face technical issues with their missile carriers, Ukraine's South Volunteer Army spokesperson Serhiy Bratchuk said.

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