Russia’s National Guard recruits former Wagner mercenaries — report

Wagner PMC
Wagner PMC

Russian fighters from the now-defunct Wagner Group private military company are being offered contracts with the National Guard (Rosgvardia), Russian media outlet iStories reported on Oct. 27.

The journalists made the claim based on messenger chat groups run by family members of former Wagner mercenaries.

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Notably, the messages were later deleted from the chats. An administrator of one of the groups said that the post was allegedly published by mistake.

Judging by the announcement, the recruitment was open to those who had not previously participated in the war in Ukraine, as well as people who had not served in the army. In addition, a new unit of the Rosgvardia is ready to consider candidates who are amputees "on an individual basis."

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An iStories journalist called the number given in the recruitment ad, apparently reaching an “individual unit that has an official contract with the National Guard.”

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