Russia to ramp up its ‘three-layer’ plan to destabilize Ukraine in May – Ukrainian military intelligence

Resident of Luhansk Oblast
Resident of Luhansk Oblast

Russia has a "three-layer" plan to destabilize Ukraine, Ukraine's military intelligence (HUR) deputy chief, Vadym Skibitskyi, told The Economist.

This includes battlefield superiority, a disinformation campaign in Ukraine, and isolation on the international stage.

May will be a key month for the implementation of Russia's "three-layer" plan, he said.

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While the U.S. Congress finally approved a military aid package, the delay in its passing means it will be weeks before the aid reaches the front lines.

The aid is unlikely to match the number of shells Russia currently has in reserve, nor will it provide effective protection against low-tech, destructive guided aerial bombs.

Russia's disinformation campaign in Ukraine will focus on disrupting Ukrainian mobilization and the political legitimacy of Volodomyr Zelenskyy, whose original term was set to expire on May 20.

While the Constitution clearly allows for an indefinite wartime extension, Russia will attempt to portray this as a vulnerability.

Regarding Russia's relentless campaign to isolate Ukraine on the international stage, "they will destabilize the situation in any way," said Skibitskyi.

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