Russia recruits nearly 2,000 Nepalese men for war in Ukraine — Sky News

Around 2,000 Nepalese men have been recruited by Russia to participate in the war against Ukraine
Around 2,000 Nepalese men have been recruited by Russia to participate in the war against Ukraine

Russia recruited around 2,000 Nepalese men to participate in the war against Ukraine, Sky News reported on March 19.

The figure of 2,000 is based on testimonies from returning soldiers and Russian immigration data.

It has also been cross-referenced with estimates provided by campaigners supporting the families of those still serving or deceased.

Many Nepalese have described being given student or tourist visas to travel to Russia, prompting concern from the Nepalese government, which has taken action

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It was already illegal for Nepalese to fight for foreign militaries, including Russia's, Sky News said.

The government banned its citizens from traveling to Russia or Ukraine for work in January 2024 and asked Moscow to repatriate all Nepalese recruits.

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Superintendent Nawaraj Adhikari said the police are cracking down on agents — individuals who assist in obtaining the necessary documents to cross into Russia and fight its war against Ukraine, Sky News said.

"Police have already arrested 22 suspects," he said.

"It's a big, serious problem."

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Russia has recruited about 15,000 Nepalese citizens for the war against Ukraine, with many enticed by the promised high salary.

Nepal's Foreign Affairs Ministry urged Russia in December 2023 not to recruit its citizens into the army and to return the bodies of six soldiers killed in Ukraine, as well as to compensate their families, Reuters reported.

Nepal halted issuing work permits to Russia and Ukraine in January 2024 after several citizens of the country died on the battlefield, Reuters reported.

Nepal’s Foreign Minister Narayan Prakash Saud has urged Russia to compensate the families of Nepalese nationals who died fighting in the war against Ukraine.

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