Russia has sabotage groups active in Sumy Oblast in advance of possible opening of new frontline

Ukrainian border guards are fighting with the Russian  sabotage group
Ukrainian border guards are fighting with the Russian sabotage group

Russian subversive and reconnaissance groups are active in Ukraine's Sumy Oblast ahead of the possible opening of another frontline, Ukrainian State Border Guard Service spokesperson, Andriy Demchenko, said on May 22.

"The activity of hostile subversive and reconnaissance groups can be evidenced in Sumy Oblast," he said.

"This is not recorded in Chernihiv Oblast, but Sumy is the area where the enemy is constantly trying to carry out sabotage activities."

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At the moment it cannot be said that Russian sabotage groups try to enter the territory of Ukraine every day, but their activity is quite high, he said.

The main goal of the Russian sabotage groups is to discover the locations of Ukrainian units and the make-up of their defenses so that in the future they can strike there with powerful weapons.

"Also, the sabotage groups may be tasked with inflicting damage on our positions with its own forces, but the boys understand this threat well," he said.

"All necessary measures are being taken to detect enemy sabotage groups in advance."

Budanov's statement on Russia's possible attack on Sumy

The Russian attacks in Kharkiv Oblast will continue for "another three or four days", after which the Russian troops are expected to "make a decisive offensive in the direction of Sumy," Ukrainian Military Intelligence (HUR) head, Kyrylo Budanov, told The New York Times on May 14.

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Russia maintains a small group of forces on the border near Sumy Oblast, he said.

The Russian invaders planned to attack the Sumy Oblast in connection with Kharkiv Oblast,  National Security and Defence Council's Center for Countering Disinformation head, Andriy Kovalenko, said.

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The situation in Sumy Oblast is under control, civilians were evacuated from Bilopillya on the recommendation of the military, and the construction of defense structures in the region is almost complete, regional governor, Volodymyr Artyukh, said in response to Budanov'scomments.

The Russians would not have enough strength to attack Sumy Oblast, Kharkiv Oblast, and the eastern regions of Ukraine at the same time, Sumy District Council deputy chair, Volodymyr Bitsak, said on May 15.

An attack by Russian forces on Sumy Oblast should not be ruled out, State Border Guard Service spokesperson, Andriy Demchenko, said on May 21.

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