Russia: New School Year begins without masks in capital Moscow

Moscow (Russia), Sep 16, 2021, (ANI): Schools in the Russian capital Moscow are reopened without Covid protocols in place. Both teachers and students can have an academic session without wearing a mask. Authorities say the decision has come on the back of a momentous 80% vaccination feat achieved in schools across the country. A few guidelines are being followed strictly to keep the virus at bay. Students are required to reach their schools at a specific time. Their classrooms are sanitized before and after the class. The government advisory for teachers asks them to carry Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) but it is not mandatory to wear to it. They have been advised to wear masks only while in a group or when in close proximity with students and fellow teachers. Schools have also allowed parents to enter the premises with a prior appointment. The director of the academic performance of a school in the capital says the pandemic hasn’t been able to affect the education system of the country. He says the schools were proactively involved with students even during the lockdown and provided them with all the necessary assistance. Not just the schools but a major part of the commercial and entertainment industries have also eased restrictions. Theatres in Moscow can be visited in the capital without masks.

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