Russia secretly supplies oil to North Korea despite UN sanctions — report

An oil tanker
An oil tanker

Russia has been providing North Korea with petroleum products in violation of UN Security Council sanctions, Reuters reported on May 2, citing an unnamed U.S. official.

The claim was made a day after Moscow used its Security Council veto to disband a UN panel of experts that was monitoring the implementation of sanctions against Pyongyang. Russia now supplies North Korea with more than the UN-imposed annual cap of 500,000 barrels of refined oil, the source said.

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According to the official, in March alone, Russia delivered over 165,000 barrels to North Korea and could continue such shipments "indefinitely" because of the close proximity of the two countries’ trade ports.

The United States will maintain sanctions against entities assisting in the transfer of weapons and oil products between Russia and North Korea, the source added.

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