Russia to sell abandoned homes in occupied Zaporizhzhya Oblast at preferential rates, says governor

Zaporizhzhya Oblast
Zaporizhzhya Oblast

Russians plan to sell homes of residents forced to evacuate from the temporarily occupied area of Zaporizhzhya Oblast, regional governor Ivan Fedorov said on Telegram on April 28.

The occupation administration has created a register of "ownerless" housing in the occupied territories.

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"If previously, the 'commandeered' real estate was allocated to 'touring artists,' now the occupation authorities have opted to profit from it," said the head of the Zaporizhzhya Oblast Military Administration.

“Houses and apartments will be sold at preferential loan rates.”

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The Ukrainian Defense Ministry’s National Resistance Center reported earlier that a "state housing inspection" has started working in the temporarily occupied territories of Zaporizhzhya Oblast, which is engaged in identifying empty apartments whose owners have left the region. After that, such apartments are declared "ownerless" and are subject to “nationalization”.

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