Russia sets stage for more large-scale attacks on Ukraine's energy sector


Russia plans to carry out several more massive attacks on Ukraine's energy sector this spring,  Defense Intelligence (HUR) spokesman Vadym Skibitskyi said in a comment to news outlet RBC-Ukraine on April 2.

Russia’s missile stocks are depleting, so they need a pause to accumulate weapons.

"Now, according to our estimates, Russia has about 950 high-precision missiles of operational and strategic level with a range of more than 350 kilometers," Skibitskyi  said.

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“We observe a tendency that they usually try to keep their stockpile at the level of at least 900 missiles.”

Russia launches a series of strikes whenever it manages to accumulate more than 900 missiles. When the stockpile is reduced to this figure, mass attacks are put on hold.

The Russian forces are nearing this critical threshold, with plans to produce approximately 40 X-101 missiles in April alone. "Our forecast is that Russia could execute two or three more large-scale attacks before needing to pause again to replenish its missile and Shahed drone reserves," Skibitskyi said.

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Ukraine's intelligence chief, Kyrylo Budanov, previously indicated that Russian forces have been amassing Kalibr cruise missiles for an impending offensive against Ukraine, signaling a continued threat to Ukrainian security.

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