Russia urges calm between Tajikistan, Afghanistan

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Vladimir Putin, President of Russia (Representative image)
Vladimir Putin, President of Russia (Representative image)

Moscow [Russia] October 1 (ANI): Russia on Thursday urged Tajikistan and Afghanistan to maintain calm after reports of tension at their common border.

"We observe with concern growing tensions in Tajik-Afghan relations against the background of mutual harsh statements by the leaders of the two countries," Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexei Zaytsev was quoted as saying by DW News.

Reports have also appeared about the deployment of armed forces by both countries on the common border.

"According to information from the Taliban, tens of thousands of special forces units have been deployed in the bordering [northern] Afghan province Takhar alone," Zaytsev added.

Tajikistan's president, Emomali Rakhmon, has refused to recognize the Taliban government, accusing the group of human rights abuses.

In response the Taliban asked Dushanbe not to interfere in the 'internal matters' of Afghanistan, DW News reported.

Meanwhile, Russia, which maintains a military base in Tajikistan, is concerned that militants as well as drug smugglers could take advantage of the unstable situation created by the recent fall of the government in Kabul. (ANI)

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