Russia uses ‘human waves’ and heavy artillery to storm village near Luhansk, suffers heavy losses – governor

Luhansk Oblast
Luhansk Oblast

'Enemy several times before tried to attack Ternivka direction with columns and such, let's say, “meat assaults” with the support of heavy artillery, and has been trying to storm Bilohorivka for the third day,' said local governor Artem Lysohor in an interview with Radio Freedom on May 22.

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“The situation in Bilohorivka is becoming more serious, but it is under control of our Armed Forces,” he said and added that Ukrainian military are defeating the aggressor and fulfilling their tasks.

“We regularly see videos from both Russian and our side about number of personnel that Russia is losing and just leaving there," Lysohor said.

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"Among other things, hospitals are filled to the brim with wounded because they don't want to create hysteria in Belgorod, from where the enemy is trying to attack Kharkiv Oblast. They take almost all the wounded to Luhansk Oblast. That's why these hospitals in temporary occupied areas are now overcrowded.”

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Earlier, Lysohor said that in the suburbs of temporarily occupied Luhansk, in Yuvileine village, massive strike hit Russian soldiers and officers, many were wonded and killed.

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