Russian drones rain destruction on Odesa farm

Consequences of Russian attack on Odesa
Consequences of Russian attack on Odesa

Russian forces attacked Odesa Oblast with drones overnight, hitting a farm, regional governor, Oleh Kiper, reported on Telegram on April 22.

<span class="copyright">Сили оборони півдня/Telegram</span>
Сили оборони півдня/Telegram

The air defense system shot down five Shahed-131/136 drones over the region. The drone strike damaged warehouses and agricultural equipment at the enterprise, with no casualties reported, Kiper said.

Russia struck Odesa with ballistic missiles on April 20, hitting an infrastructure object. Before this, the Russians repeatedly attacked Odesa Oblast with Kh-59 missiles, which were destroyed. Eight people were injured in Odessa, including two children.

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Russia again struck Odesa Oblast on April 21 with ballistic missiles, injuring four people. The Russians targeted a transport-logistics object of the port infrastructure.

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