Russian Free Fire pro Dzarmaro still wants to be a medical professional

Magomed "Dzarmaro" Gutsiev (Photo: Garena)

He may be fighting for US$2 million this weekend in the Free Fire World Series, but 21-year-old Magomed "Dzarmaro" Gutsiev still hasn't given up on his dream to be a medical professional.

The Russian pro-gamer has been juggling his studies while playing Free Fire for the last four years while running his own YouTube channel.

He is currently standing in for Russian squad Silence, but usually plays for Sbornaya ChR, another Russian team which he captains. His teammate, Khalid "Kadyrov" Vokuev, is also playing, but as a stand-in for the other CIS team, Singularity.Invincible.

As a gamer, Dzamaro was originally reluctant to take part in the Free Fire World Series 2019, and didn't take the opportunity seriously.

"I didn't think that playing a mobile game could give me the opportunity to go abroad and compete professionally. It’s been a real eye-opener and exciting experience for me," said Dzamaro.

Still, the Russian player hasn't quite decided on whether he wants to continue as a pro-gamer or continue his medical studies. He hasn't left school, and is continuing his classes while working on his gaming commitments.

"It is quite possible that I will become a medical professional. I haven't made a final decision yet. I plan to finish medical school, then re-evaluate my career choices. I have a lot to think about!"

Meanwhile, he wants to work on his burgeoning esports career, as well as to improve and produce greater performances.

And ironically, unlike his interest in medicine, his favourite weapon in-game is the melee weapon scythe, whose long reach makes the player look like the Grim Reaper. Dzamaro said it's his favourite because it's easy to "cut players with".

Lastly, the Russian gamer said that he plans to work on strengthening his tactical and leadership skills as a captain, while keeping the team in sync. As for aspiring pros, he wants them to know that maintaining good relationships with your team is important.

"Communication and trust are key to winning," said Dzamaro.

Catch Dzamaro and Team Silence at the Free Fire World Series 2021 taking place this weekend.

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