Russian GRU colonel killed in Crocus City Hall shooting

The aftermath of the fire in Crocus City Hall
The aftermath of the fire in Crocus City Hall

GRU Colonel Timur Myasnikov, recently back from service in the Ukraine, succumbed to injuries from a shooting at Crocus City Hall, Mediazona reported on March 28.

The colonel's death was reported by graduates of Suvorov military academy on Telegram, and confirmed by colonel's friend Malivanchuk, the head of the Samara branch of the organization Officers of Russia.

The colonel allegedly served in Kosovo, Tajikistan, and also took part in the Russian aggression against Ukraine in Donbas.

"Only a few days ago he came on leave to visit his family in Moscow," Malivanchuk wrote. “And, as luck would have it, he decided to go to a concert with his wife Polina and son Ruslan at the Crocus.”

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The attack at the concert led to Myasnikov sustaining three gunshot wounds. Despite being under medical care for three days, his injuries proved fatal.

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