Russian lawmaker suggests labor camps for unemployed to boost economy — video

Russian ruling party claims that Russia's citizens simply do not want to work
Russian ruling party claims that Russia's citizens simply do not want to work

A member of Russia's ruling United Russia party has proposed using labor camps to address unemployment and boost workforce participation, stirring significant controversy.

Katerina Sobkanyuk, who also serves in the Tomsk Oblast legislative assembly, introduced the idea as a way to involve unemployed citizens in necessary labor "for the good of the homeland."

During a legislative session, Sobkanyuk expressed frustration over the reliance on state support by some individuals and suggested imprisoning them in "labor camps" to contribute to the workforce, particularly in sectors experiencing labor shortages.

"Can we discuss the matter of labor camps today?" Sobkanyuk asked her colleagues, noting shortages in critical construction roles such as concrete and reinforcement workers, welders, and electricians. "Why are you laughing, colleagues? There are those who refuse to work and rely on state support. They're just freeloaders. Worms on our body," she added.

Currently, unemployment benefits in Russia are restricted to specific groups such as pensioners, children without a breadwinner, and other socially vulnerable individuals.

Critics of Sobkanyuk's proposal argue that she fails to consider the broader implications of the labor shortages, particularly those caused by the drafting of Russian citizens for the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

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