Russian military confirms deployment of reconnaissance UAVs in Ukraine

Russian reconnaissance drone SuperCam destroyed
Russian reconnaissance drone SuperCam destroyed

Russia used reconnaissance UAVs during an overnight attack against Ukraine, Dmytro Pletenchuk, Ukraine’s Southern Defense Forces spokesman, said on national television on April 28.

"It's reconnaissance. They are constantly looking for targets for possible attacks," the spokesperson said.

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Ukrainian air defenses shoot down such drones every day. Most often, Russians use Orlan-10, Zala and SuperCam drones for reconnaissance in Ukraine. Iranian-made Forpost or Mohajer-6 drones are much less common, with the latter mostly operating over the Black Sea, Pletenchuk added.

The Ukrainian Air Force reported shooting down all four Russian Shaheds and one drone of an unspecified type out of five during an overnight attack. Russia also launched an S-300 missile.

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