Russian soldier's home ransacked while on duty in Ukraine - video

After the robbery, the war criminal suddenly began to question his
After the robbery, the war criminal suddenly began to question his "morality"

While a Buryatia resident served in Ukraine, his home was burglarized, with thieves making off with his car and other valuables, according to video evidence.

Moreover, the "grateful citizens" did not stop at one robbery and returned to the crime scene after the security forces had sealed it.

"It was a mess. Everything was scattered," the homeowner described.

"They tore out the entire underfloor heating. The block was removed, cut out. There was almost nothing left. The most expensive was a car, a diesel generator, which is very expensive," the Russian "hero" said.

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"We have a shed on our site. There were a lot of tools for workers in it, expensive and high quality. They also took all this out. But it was taken out when they came back here again. That is, after the investigators, after everything. When we had already sealed it back up," occupier added.

What is even more ironic in this story is that robbers deprived him of one of the most desirable things for any Russian invader.

"It's even ridiculous. They took the toilet," the Russian kept asking, as he does not know the answer himself.

"I mean, why? What for? Where's the morality? I volunteer to go to war in Ukraine, shedding my blood on foreign soil for my people, for my republic—that is, for the people of our Buryatia. And when I return, I find that my house has been broken into and my car stolen. I mean, where is the morality?" he lamented.

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