Russia's use of cluster warheads extends beyond Odesa, says Air Force spokesman

Aftermath of Russia's strike on Odesa
Aftermath of Russia's strike on Odesa

Russia used an ​Iskander missile with a cluster warhead not only in Odesa, said Ukrainian Air Force spokesperson, Illya Yevlash, on national television on May 1.

"These missiles are mainly intended for broad impact, detonating above ground and dispersing numerous smaller bombs filled with shrapnel," he said.

"It aims to cause maximum damage to civilian infrastructure and people," Yevlash stated.

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"This achieves nothing — but terror, intimidating civilians and coercing submission."

Russian attack on Odesa on April 29

Five people were killed, including deputy rector Borys Vasyliev and 32 others were injured in a Russian missile strike on the International Humanitarian University, popularly known as the "Harry Potter Castle", in southern Odesa on April 29.

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Serhiy Kivalov, the academy’s president and former Ukrainian MP was also injured during that attack.

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