Ruth Dodsworth discusses ex-husband found guilty of coercive behaviour and stalking

Ruth Dodsworth opens up on Good Morning Britain about preparing for her ex-husband who was sent to prison for three years for coercive behaviour and stalking, to be released.

Credit: @GMB Via Twitter

Video transcript

RUTH DODSWORTH: So the judge told him at the time that he would serve a minimum half. But then prior to that-- so prior to that halfway point, because it's what they call a standard tariff, he can apply for what they call home release.

So he'd be released on tagging on a curfew. But he would still be out. And to a man who, to the best of my knowledge, has shown no remorse, has lost his wife, has lost that-- that-- that one thing that he had control over, my worry is that a restraining order is a bit of paper. A [INAUDIBLE] doesn't really matter.

And there's nothing really-- you know, has he learned? Is he really going to change after a whole lifetime--

- Are you scared?

- So what do you fear you'll do, yes, when he comes out?

RUTH DODSWORTH: I-- I-- I am scared. I'm very scared. You know, my family is scared my mom. We do worry about what's going to happen as-- as you know. And you can't keep people behind bars forever. That-- that is the reality.