Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford were driven to drink during off-the-rails interview

Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling sat down with Alison Hammond of British talk show This Morning to talk about Blade Runner 2049. But luckily for viewers, things went off the rails before the interview even began. So before Hammond could finish asking her first question, Gosling decided to pour himself a drink.

Interviewer Alison Hammond joined Ford and Gosling for a drink in this hilarious interview. (Photo: ITV)

“I feel like that’s where this is headed,” Gosling said as Ford and Hammond laughed.

That’s exactly where it was headed. After Ford answered a question sarcastically, Hammond grabbed the other mini-bottle and poured a drink for herself. Ford then nearly finished giving a genuine answer to the question when he stopped and took a drink from Gosling’s glass. None of the three were quite able to regain control of the interview after that.

There was more laughing than talking during this attempted interview, and fans might not have gotten the information they wanted from the stars. But it was a lot more fun than seeing actors give the same rehearsed answers over and over again. It’s safe to say Ford and Gosling won’t be forgetting this interview anytime soon.

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