Ryan Reynolds's hilarious response to the Blake Lively breakup rumors … and their other adorable moments of 2018

Raechal Shewfelt
Editor, Yahoo Entertainment
Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds hit the red carpet together on March 22. (Photo: Gotham/GC Images)

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively have been consistently adorable since they married in 2012 and, this year, despite tabloid reports of cracks in their union, has been no different.

In fact, over the weekend, the Deadpool star made a joke about the rumors that spoke to the couple’s sense of humor about outside interests in their relationship (surely a good thing) and their closeness.

Reynolds, 41, and 30-year-old Lively met on the set of 2011’s The Green Lantern. They welcomed a daughter, James, now 3, in 2014, and a second daughter, 1-year-old Ines, two years later.

Since they wed, they’ve continued to churn out cute moments. (They rarely spend more than one day apart, after all.) Here are the best from 2018 so far:

May 14: Deadpool 2 duo

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds attend the “Deadpool 2” premiere in New York City. (Photo: Michael Loccisano/Getty Images)

Lively was on hand to cheer on Reynolds for the premiere of his superhero sequel in New York City. She notably sported colors that match “Deadpool 2,” thanks to her Brandon Maxwell dress. Ever the comic, Reynolds joked on the red carpet about when he would allow his young daughters to see the R-rated movie. “They’re 3 and 1½ right now. So, the 3-year-old is not gonna be able to see it for a few months,” he deadpanned to People.

March 22: Their red carpet return

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds attend the Final Portrait premiere in NYC. (Photo: Angela Weiss/AFP/Getty Images)

Reynolds and Lively rarely appear on the red carpet together, although they have plenty of opportunities between them. They made an exception for the New York City premiere of Final Portrait, where they looked as in love as ever. The joint appearance marked their first together in five months. They left with another celeb couple, their friends John Krasinski and Emily Blunt.

March 22: Deadpool’s Sisterhood zinger

On the same day as the couple’s date night, his new superhero trailer dropped. Surprise — it featured a clear reference to Lively, spoken by Reynolds himself, when Deadpool quips to a cabdriver, “And that is why Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants is pure pornography.” Of course, Lively starred in two Sisterhood movies.

Feb. 14: Their Valentine’s Day messages

Reynolds and Lively are known for trolling each other on social media, and they did just that on Valentine’s Day. While Lively spent the day at New York Fashion Week, her hubby baked her an, um, inedible cake. (It’s the thought that counts, right?)

He also made a joke about not having his phone in his hand when he thought he did during a gym session. Lively seemed to take great joy in teasing him about the photo in question.

Her: “Why won’t this damn app swipe right?!?!!”
Him: “Because it’s the eHarmony app.”
Her: “Can you show me how to download that? Ever since Ashley Madison closed I’ve been so lonely.”
Him: “Awww. Happy Valentine’s Day.”

That’s right — they weren’t even together on “love day,” but they were still making each other smile.

Jan. 5: Reynolds’s truly unusual compliment

When the Just Friends star sat down with Variety in January, he gave his wife amazing praise. He described the anxiety that he’s long struggled with and said, “Blake helped me through it. I’m lucky to have her around just to keep me sane.”

In the same interview, Reynolds also said something about Lively that will probably never be said about anyone else, ever again. He said she was similar to Denny’s because of her ability to keep it together, and he called her “the most beautiful Denny’s you’ve ever seen.” We’re not exactly sure what it means either, but it sounds positive.

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