S'pore's population increases to 5.31 million

Singapore's total population increased by 2.5 per cent between 2011 and 2012, despite a low birth rate of 1.2 live births per female. (AFP file photo)

Singapore added a little over 128,000 people over the year up to June this year.

In the latest annual Population Trends publication by the Singapore Department of Statistics, the country’s total population reached 5.31 million at end-June, 2.5 per cent more than the figure a year ago.

The number of Singapore citizens grew by close to 28,000 to 3.29 million over the one-year period.

That of permanent residents (PRs) was up by a little over 1,000 to 533,100 over the period. This was a minimal increase versus the 1.7 per cent contraction the year before.

The non-resident population grew 7.2 per cent to 1.49 million in the reference period, according to the report.

Non-Singaporeans now make up a total of 38.2 per cent of the country’s total population.

Last year, the DOS reported a low total fertility rate of 1.2 live births per female – far below the 2.1 needed for replacement.

The rise in the population of other nationals in Singapore has led to growing resentment against them by Singaporeans, who blame the foreigners for the rising cost in housing, overcrowding in trains and buses and stiff competition for jobs.

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