Sabah DAP lawmaker threatens to quit if not fielded for GE14


KOTA KINABALU: Kepayan lawmaker Dr Edwin Bosi has said that if Sabah DAP chooses not to field him as a candidate in the upcoming general election (GE14), he will not hesitate to join another Sabah-based opposition party.

Bosi, who is Sabah DAP deputy chairman, said he will remain with the DAP until he receives a clear stand from the party’s chairman, Stephen Wong, on his prospects.

Speaking to reporters before the state assembly sitting today, Bosi, who is also the party’s native consultative chairman, said he has heard rumours about him being sidelined for the coming 14th general election.

“As a senior member of Sabah DAP, I asked Wong, during the state committee meeting, whether I’d be defending my seat – and he couldn’t confirm this.

“With that, I can confidently say that there’s a basis to all the rumours, and I’ve consulted with my supporters over what I should do. They have asked me to stay with the DAP by all means,” he said.

“However, in the event that the party doesn’t choose me to defend my Kepayan seat, the (supporters) have advised me (to) opt to become an independent lawmaker, or join other parties that defend the basic rights of all Malaysians, especially the natives,” he added.

It was reported recently that Bosi would likely be quitting Sabah DAP to join Parti Cinta Sabah (PCS), as he is unhappy over seat negotiations and the prospect of him not being able to defend his current seat in the coming elections.

When asked on whether he has met with the PCS, Bosi said he already has an opposition local-based party in mind.

“We are not talking about PCS in particular. My people said the struggle must be for justice for all Malaysians, because they know I’ve been fighting fort the indigenous people, and I am looking for a party which (shares my struggle),” he said.

Bosi explained that he has nothing against Sabah DAP, but expressed dissatisfaction with the party’s leadership, which he said has not been showing interest on issues important to the native people, particularly on the Keningau Oath Stone.

Meanwhile, Wong said the party has shortlisted 30 potential candidates for the general election and Bosi is among them.

“Those listed are undergoing training (for the election), and promotional campaign materials have also been distributed among them.

“However, we cannot make any confirmation on the candidacies. Even (I cannot do that at this moment),” he added.

Wong, who is also Sandakan Member of Parliament, said Bosi's claim that Sabah DAP has not shown interest in fighting for indigenous people is just being used as an excuse for Bosi to leave the party.

"If you check my records during the Parliament sitting, I have been fighting a lot on Batu Sumpah. Janie Lasimbang is also solid proof that the party cares for the Kadazandusun Murut people," he said.

Lasimbang, who is a former Bersih Sabah 2.0 chief and former Suhakam commissioner, helms the party's Wanita wing in the state.