Sabah DAP rep says will quit party if seat not guaranteed

Kepayan assemblyman Dr Edwin Bosi (second left) left DAP in August this year, citing differences with State liaison chief Stephen Wong, and a three month suspension period for airing his grievances against the party publicly. ― Picture by Julia Chan

KOTA KINABALU, April 13 ― Sabah DAP deputy chairman Edwin Bosi has threatened to leave the party unless he is given the guarantee that he will be a candidate in the general elections.

The Kapayan assemblyman said he wanted confirmation from the party leadership that he will be given the opportunity to defend his seat or else he will choose another platform to continue his political struggle.

“I have heard rumours that I will be sidelined in the coming 14th general election. I asked my state party leader in a meeting last month to confirm the rumours but he told me he cannot confirm whether I will be a candidate.

“I consulted my constituents and they want me to stay with the party but say that becoming an independent candidate or join a Sabah-based party is also an option should I be unable to contest as a DAP candidate,” Bosi told reporters at the state legislative assembly building today.

Bosi said he hoped that state party chairman Stephen Wong would reply as soon as tomorrow morning when he read his statement.

He said he was keen to join another Sabah-based party with the same political struggle for all Malaysians, with special emphasis on the rights of the indigenous people.

“Our leader doesn’t seem to be keen on pursuing the batu sumpah matter. The oath stone is the crux of the native people’s struggle – freedom of religion, and rights over land and our adat.  We need to focus on this,” he said.

“I have nothing against the party – the party is okay. It’s just some individuals,” he said.

When asked whether there would be other people following suit in his leaving, Bosi said it was too soon to say but said it would be “an exciting week”.

Bosi was rumoured to be joining Parti Cinta Sabah, a local based party headed by Tuaran state assemblyman Datuk Wilfred Bumburing.

In August last year, Bosi, a veterinarian-turned-politician was also heavily rumoured to be resigning from DAP after losing his position as secretary in a state committee election. After the rumours, he was appointed the State Committee deputy chairman.

He won the Kepayan seat in 2013 with 13,020 votes, with over 7,000 vote majority.

If it materialises, Bosi will be the third DAP assemblyman to leave after the 2013 elections; former chairman Hiew King Cheu (Luyang) who is now with MCA, and Junz Wong (Likas) have also left. The sole remaining representative in the state assembly will be Chan Foong Hin (Sri Tanjung).