Sad girl on scary theme park ride captures netizens’ hearts

Why so sad, girl?

A girl has gone viral after a woman posted a video of her on Dec. 2 which showed the former on board a theme park ride looking so forlorn — while other people are screaming their heads off from excitement and fright.

Lean Cruda went to a perya on Saturday with her friends at a mall in Malabon. A perya is a theme park, albeit smaller and less pricey.

She and her companions took a ride called Viking, which moves like a pendulum and swings back and forth. While other passengers were shouting, Cruda noticed the young girl was so chill, and even pensive.

Cruda told Coconuts Manila: “I think she’s with those who were operating the theme park ride. She and the girl behind her, the one in red.”

The video has gone viral and has been shared almost 52,000 times. Cruda didn’t expect that the video would become so popular.

She said: “It was just funny for us, and my boyfriend convinced me to upload it on Facebook. I did, thinking it was funny and super relatable especially for adults.”

Some of the adults who saw it seemed to think so. Hannah Paderes wrote: “I see myself [in this girl].”

Another was struck by how sad the girl appeared to be. Christine Bugarin wrote: “She looks like she has a big problem. Maybe that’s why she’s so quiet.”

Another netizen named Seen Froso joked: “She’s thinking that the people who kept screaming are being over the top.”

Justin Colle wrote: “I want to be that relaxed when I ride on that. Like I don’t even care. As if I’m on a crib and someone is singing a lullaby for me!”

Cruda didn’t get to talk to the girl, nor has anyone reached out to her to identify the young lady. But judging by the number of views the video has received (more than 2.1 million!), it looks like she’s become internet famous.

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