Safety Tips for Christmas Decorations on Your Car

Nothing says Christmas like Christmas decorations, and in addition to decorating their homes, many have opted to adorn their cars with the festivity of the holidays as well. This is a relatively new trend, and as a frequent road user, it’s easy to notice that a growing number of vehicles have Christmas decorations on them. If you’re looking to join in on the fun, keep the following tips in mind to ensure that your decorations are safe as they are attractive.

Don’t let your decorations hamper your vision

Depending on the type of decorations you use, your view of the road and surroundings can be severely impeded. Your decorations may look cute, but if they prevent you from seeing around you, they need to come off. For that reason, it’s imperative that you do not put anything that could block your view in and out of the window.

Keep lights inside the cabin

Christmas lights outside your car can be distracting, and causing an accident is the last thing you want to happen during this time of year. Likewise, exterior lights could short in inclement weather, which can be dangerous. To be safe, keep your Christmas lights inside your cabin and create your own interior holiday display.

Attach decorations securely

From antlers to wreaths, you need to ensure that your decorations are securely affixed to your car. Use zip ties to keep your decorations from moving as well as to make them difficult to remove by weather or by other means.

Avoid using stickers

Stickers are a fast and easy way to decorate your car. However, they can be difficult to remove, and overdoing it could mean destroying your car’s paint finish. Use decals and magnets instead, as these can be applied and removed quickly, and pose less risk to your car paint. Just make sure to buy the high-quality ones, as they won’t be easily blown or washed away by wind and rain.

reindeer decal sticker on back car window

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