Salesman wins RM1m Jackpot

Farezza Hanum Rashid

KUALA LUMPUR: A Da Ma Cai mobile application “dmcGO” player has recently won RM1.13 million in its 3D Jackpot.

An avid punter, the salesman started placing bets through dmcGO in January as it was convenient and he did not have to look for an outlet when he travelled. 

“My job requires me to travel and I sometimes miss placing bets. The app allows me to play while on the go, any time and anywhere. 

“I usually play five sets of 3D Jackpot numbers but, one day, I decided to try the Lucky Pick feature and bought another set of 3D Jackpot numbers.

“The combination numbers of 215, 290 and 301 landed me the jackpot,” the man, in his 50s said yesterday.

 He said with his newfound fortune, he would settle his housing loan and starting a business.

dmcGO is an alternative betting channel for number players. The app provides convenience to gamblers as they can play Da Ma Cai games without having to locate an outlet, queue up or worry about missing games. 

Lucky Pick is a popular feature among players.

They can look at the numbers’ dictionary to get ideas or Tua Pek Kong (inspirational zodiac numbers).