Sam-A’s Keys To Victory At ONE: BATTLEGROUND

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Two-sport ONE World Champion Sam-A Gaiyanghadao isn’t new to “the art of eight limbs” – but neither is his upcoming opponent, Prajanchai PK.Saenchai Muaythaigym.

Together, the striking duo have over 800 fights and won over 10 Muay Thai World Titles. But tonight, they will contend for Sam-A’s ONE Strawweight Muay Thai World Championship at ONE: BATTLEGROUND.

The main event clash will be the defending World Champion’s toughest fight in ONE, but as always, he seems to find a way to win. Here are three keys to victory for Sam-A tonight.

Attacking From His Left Side

Sam-A is a southpaw fighter who knows how to time his left kicks, punches, and elbows to great effect.

That said, one of his keys to victory will be constantly attacking Prajanchai from his left side, especially using his kicks.

Being that Prajanchai is right-handed, his power side will be exposed to Sam-A’s left roundhouses. If Sam-A can land those roundhouses on the right arm of Prajanchai, it’ll make it harder for the challenger to throw his straight rights, which is one of his stronger weapons.

Exposing Prajanchai’s Defense

This will be the first time Prajanchai competes in Muay Thai with 4-ounce MMA gloves, so he may not be efficient at closing all the holes in his defense.

If Sam-A can attack with left kicks and then send his straight left hand through the guard of his foe, he may be able to find openings and rack up points.

On the other hand, if the strawweight king continuously pierces Prajanchai’s guard, that could fluster the PK.Saenchai Muaythaigym athlete and cause him to make mistakes – mistakes that slick Sam-A can capitalize on.

Falling Back On His Fight IQ

Prajanchai, who is younger and seemingly more powerful than Sam-A, will no doubt take the fight to the reigning World Champion and put him under pressure.

Because of this, Sam-A will have to fall back on that muay femur style he is known for and counter Prajanchai’s punches without leaving himself open for counters.

It will take a crafty veteran to pull this off, and Sam-A has built a legacy as such a fighter.

Catch all the action at ONE: BATTLEGROUND tonight on the ONE Super App or meWATCH at 8:30 p.m. SGT.

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