Sammo not teaching grandson kung fu

Sammo not teaching grandson kung fu

10 May – Proud new parents Timmy Hung and Janet Chow recently held a Hundred Days banquet for their three-month old baby son, TJ.

As reported on Popular Asians, on 7 May, the couple held a large party at Le Pinacle Cantonese Restaurant ballroom and invited numerous Hong Kong stars that included the boy's grandfather, Sammo Hung, uncle Jimmy Hung and aunt Stephanie.

At the Hundred Days banquet, proud grandfather, Sammo Hung presented little baby TJ with a large and colourful two-layered cake decorated with "Finding Nemo" characters, along with a miniature version of a smiling TJ perching on the topmost layer.

When asked if he brought a birthday present for his grandson, Sammo laughed and said, "Everything would eventually be his!"

Sammo also stated that he is not interested in teaching TJ kung fu as he grows older. When asked if that would be a waste as the talented TJ was already crawling around before turning three months old, Sammo quipped, "A lot of babies know how to turn around! No big deal!"

Meanwhile, among the celebrity guests who attended the party were Jordan Chan, Alex Fong and wife Hoyan Mok, Alex Fong, Charmaine Sheh, Annie Man Angela Tong and Toby Leung.