Samsung and Cisco partner to deliver a 5K teleconferencing monster display — 105-inch QPD-5K has a 21:9 aspect ratio but won't come cheap

 Samsung QPD-5K .
Samsung QPD-5K .

Samsung has taken to the stage at the Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2024 event in Barcelona to showcase how its SmartThings platform will bolster its business-focused displays and deliver "the future of business connectivity".

This includes an expansion of the South Korean giant's partnership with Cisco, unveiling a new 105-inch, 21:9 Smart Signage QPD-5K screen that is compatible with Cisco's Room Kit EQ for Microsoft Teams.

Samsung says when using Teams certified video conferencing devices, like Cisco's RoomOS-powered systems, the QPD-5K's 21:9 aspect ratio optimizes the Front Row experience. This Microsoft Teams Rooms layout is designed to ensure participants feel equally present and engaged in the discussion whether joining remotely or in person.

Tizen OS

“We’ve entered a new era in which hybrid work is an integral part of the work experience. Employees simply must be able to have full functionality while working online,” said Hoon Chung, Executive Vice President of the Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics.

“Our partnership with Cisco provides users with an accessible work environment, and at the center of that is our 105-inch QPD-5K display that gives users the feeling they are sitting in the same room as their colleagues.”

The QPD-5K display offers a panoramic view, supports multiple windows for displaying more information, and is compatible with Cisco's Room Bar and Room Kit Series, so users can integrate cameras, audio, and all other necessary video conferencing capabilities.

As you might expect, the new QPD-5K is powered by Samsung’s Tizen OS. Although the company dropped the Linux-based operating system from its smartphones and wearables back in 2021, and closed the Tizen app store at the end of that year, it continues to update it twice yearly for use on its smart TVs and B2B displays. The current version is Tizen 8.0 Public M2, released in October 2023.

There’s no word on pricing or availability at the moment, but given the size and capabilities of the QPD-5K screen it’s safe to say it won't come cheap.

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