Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra could pack 2TB of storage to fight iPhone 15 Pro Max

 A concept render of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra showing the cameras
A concept render of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra showing the cameras

It looks like Samsung is going right after the iPhone 15 Pro Max. According to the leaker Revegnus, it's claimed that the Galaxy S24 Ultra could offer up to 2TB of on-board storage.

Apple's iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max have also been tipped to feature a max of 2TB of storage, so we could have a bit of a specs war going on between Samsung and Apple.

In addition to predicting the Galaxy S24 Ultra could offer more storage than most laptops, Revegnus also tells us there will be 12GB RAM for the S24 Ultra's 256GB model and up. But on top of that, there could also be an 8GB/128GB version.

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More RAM is usually good news for multi-tasking on a phone, but having a cheaper version with less RAM and storage could be appealing to some smartphone buyers, even if it means losing out on performance.

So what would a Galaxy S24 Ultra with 2TB of storage cost? Assuming the S24 Ultra price remained the same as the S23 Ultra, the 1TB Samsung S24 Ultra price would be  $1,619. And a 2TB model could easily be $1,999 or more.

The good news is that if Samsung does launch a 128GB version of the S24 Ultra, the starting price would be less than the current $1,199. Maybe $1,099 to match the iPhone 14 Pro Max. Though keep in mind that the iPhone 15 Pro Max is tipped for a price hike.

Galaxy S24 Plus upgrades leak

Don't have the cash to splash on the S24 Ultra? Big upgrades appear to be on the way to the Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus, says leaker Ice Universe, including a boost to a WQHD display resolution.

This would be up from the FHD resolution used on the Galaxy S23 Plus and several previous generations of Galaxy S Plus devices, and in line with what the top Galaxy S23 Ultra model offers. While it's harder to directly compare this resolution with iPhones, this would likely mean the Galaxy S24 Ultra would offer more pixels than even the iPhone 15 Pro Max, assuming Apple doesn't change the display in an unexpected way.

And that may not be the only display upgrade to look forward to.

Along with the basic Galaxy S24 and the Galaxy S24 Ultra (and the iPhone 15 Pro Max), IU alleges the S24 Plus will have a maximum brightness of 2,500 nits, although other sources have said the Ultra could be even brighter than that. Hopefully, this brightness increase and the increased resolution won't affect battery life too much, as a larger battery has been tipped for the phone in the past.

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On top of that, IU's post claims the Galaxy S23 Plus will feature narrow 1.5mm bezels around the display, which would again match up with what's tipped for the iPhone 15 Pro Max. Weirdly, that would also make the S24 Plus’ bezels narrower than the Galaxy S24 Ultra according to previous IU leaks, which would make for a confusing line-up where the most expensive model looks less advanced than a cheaper one.

IU also mentions that the Galaxy S24 Plus should weigh 195g (6.88 ounces) and be 7.7mm (0.3 inches) thick. This would make it slightly lighter and slightly thicker than the 196g / 7.6mm Galaxy S23 Plus, though you'd probably not notice just by holding both phones in your hands.

We will presumably see the Galaxy S24 series launch in February of next year, going by Samsung's usual launch habits. Rumors are already flowing quickly though, including claims that we could see an enhanced Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset for the Plus and Ultra models, although buyers beyond the U.S. may get Samsung's own Exynos chipsets instead.

Elsewhere, we've heard there could be more efficient and smoother LTPO displays on the basic S24 and S24 Plus, plus titanium side rails, a larger main camera sensor and higher-resolution 50MP telephoto camera in the Ultra.

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