Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra leak hints at its super-thin display bezels

 Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra hands on listing.
Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra hands on listing.

We've got another Galaxy S24 leak to pass on to you, this time regarding the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra – and specifically how thin the bezels around the edge of the flagship phone's display are going to be.

The usually reliable @UniverseIce has posted that the S24 Ultra will offer "the thinnest bezel and the thickest middle frame" – attaching a mocked up render of how this will actually look when the phone is revealed.

Apparently the bezel (the black borders just outside the display) will be a mere 1.52mm thick, while the middle frame (the edge of the phone, outside the display and bezels) is going to be 1.85mm thick.

That's 3.37mm in total, and according to this tipster it means it's got "the thickest frame in history" – apparently the black version of the phone will look pretty "ugly" because the frame and bezel will blend into one when you're viewing it.

Bezels and screens

There's been more chatter about the bezels on the Galaxy S24 Ultra than you might have imagined, and indeed @UniverseIce has previously gone on record as saying how thick the frame and bezels will be in combination.

We've also previously seen unofficial renders of how these bezels might look on the actual phone, and it sounds as though the top and bottom bezels are likely to be narrower than the ones on the left and right sides of the screen.

Another change that's said to be in the pipeline for the Ultra model is a switch to a flat screen rather than the slightly rounded edges of its predecessor, which also plays into what we're hearing about bezels and frames.

Although we're talking about a reliable source here, this is all still very much unconfirmed – and will be until sometime in January, which is when the Galaxy S24, the Galaxy S24 Plus, and the Galaxy S24 Ultra launch event is expected to be.

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