Samsung launches a meal planning and recipe discovery platform called Samsung Food

Samsung has launched a meal planning and suggestion platform called Samsung Food in over 104 countries. The platform is based on Whisk, which the Samsung Next division acquired in 2019.

The company said that the platform has more than 160,000 recipes in eight languages, including English, Spanish, Korean, German, French, and Italian. Samsung noted that just like Whisk, users can look for recipes, create shopping lists, create meal plans and follow creators posting recipes. After all, the platform has been built "from the extensive database of Whisk," according to the company.

Users can save recipes, and while doing that, add ingredients to the shopping list. The platform offers integrations with e-commerce platforms in some regions so you can easily shop for these items.

Image Credits: Samsung

Notably, the new Samsung Food website looks awfully similar to the Whisk website. Plus, the download link for the apps still points to Whisk on the Play Store and the App Store. This is not the year for smooth rebranding I guess.

Given that Samsung has rebranded the app, it has also made it available on Samsung's Bespoke range of refrigerators. Letting users access a meal-planning app on their internet-connected refrigerator screen is very on-brand for Samsung.

The company plans to better integrate devices from the Bespoke range, such as microwaves and ovens, to try and make cooking easier and better suited for a particular recipe through the app. This way, the app could help users set timers, pre-heat ovens or change cooking settings for Samsung appliances connected through the SmartThings home system.

Because it's 2023, the company has also introduced personalization features through "Food AI." For example, you can make a recipe vegan or vegetarian-friendly, balance nutritional value by changing ingredients or create a fusion dish by asking for a Korean version of an Italian dish.

Samsung has lofty goals when it comes to the Samsung Food platform. The company said it plans to integrate the platform with Samsung Health by the end of the year for better nutrition logging and diet management for users. In 2024, Samsung wants to introduce "Vision AI" to Samsung Food so the app can recognize food items through the phone camera and list their nutritional values.