Samsung says the Galaxy S24 vivid display issue isn't actually an issue

 Samsung Galaxy S24 review.
Samsung Galaxy S24 review.

Since the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S24 series, we've seen plenty of grumbling from new owners of the phones that the vivid display mode isn't quite as vivid as it has been on previous models – but according to Samsung, it's working as intended.

This comes from a statement given to Teknofilo (via Android Police), in which Samsung Spain says that "some changes have been made to the display technology to provide a more natural viewing experience" (as per Google Translate).

The statement goes on to say that "users may notice differences in color depth compared to older devices", though from Samsung's perspective the new color and brightness settings "provide more accurate and comfortable viewing".

If you're not familiar with the vivid display mode, it's been available on Samsung phones for many years now, giving users the option of boosting the colors so that they pop a bit more rather than being more realistic and natural.

No fix coming

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra
Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

Lots of posts on forums and Reddit have claimed that the vivid mode is more washed out than normal, and users have been posting screenshots showing the difference on the S24 models compared with older phones.

A couple of days ago we reported that Samsung had acknowledged the problem and was working on a fix, because a Samsung chat support representative had posted a message saying that a "coming software update" would restore normal service.

Apparently that chat representative was misinformed – or maybe Samsung has changed its mind. It would now seem that the current configuration is the one that Samsung is going to stick with.

Of course there's always the chance that this might be tweaked in the future, if enough people complain about it, because it's something that can be adjusted through the software. As always, we'll keep you posted.

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