Samsung will give a second life to your old TV if you're a gamer

 Xbox Cloud Gaming on Samsung TV
Xbox Cloud Gaming on Samsung TV

What you need to know

  • Game streaming is on the way to select Samsung televisions from 2020.

  • Samsung did not share which specific models would gain access to the game streaming, but the devices that do will gain a range of new functionality.

  • The older TVs will not receive the full Samsung Gaming Hub, but they will get access to multiple streaming services.

Older Samsung televisions will soon be able to stream games. The company confirmed that game streaming will be added to several of its 2020 TVs, but it did not specify which televisions will gain support or which streaming apps will be available. Based on the services available through the Samsung Gaming Hub, there's a good chance that Xbox Cloud Gaming and NVIDIA GeForce Now will make the list.

The Verge highlighted that Samsung will not add its full gaming hub to its 2020 televisions, but instead will add support for specific apps.

“We are thrilled to announce that we will expand cloud gaming apps to our 2020 model-year TVs later this year, giving tens of millions of players access to their favorite games and services,” said Samsung Head of Product for Gaming earlier this week.

Samsung first rolled out its gaming hub to its 2022 televisions. I was so impressed with the tech that I put my Xbox in the closet and swapped it for a Samsung TV for cloud gaming. It's worth noting that I'm a very casual gamer, so you may not have the same experience.

Later, Samsung added support for streaming games to several of its 2021 TVs. The company appears keen to continue rolling out game streaming to more TVs, even if it's not the full gaming hub.

We don't know which 2020 Samsung TVs will support game streaming. When Samsung added streaming support to its 2021 TVs, only a handful of those sets gained access to the feature.

Since Samsung hasn't shared which of its 2020 TVs will receive access to game streaming, I'll point you toward a discounted TV that can stream games right now.

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This TV features a Quantum Processor that can transform content into 4K. It has a QLED panel and a refresh rate of up to 120Hz for gaming. If you prefer to stream your games rather than play through a console or PC, this TV includes Samsung Gaming Hub, which includes Xbox Cloud Gaming and NVIDIA GeForce Now.

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