Samsung takes the 990 Pro SSD to the next level with a 4TB option. Here's when you can buy one.

 Samsung 990 Pro SSD with packaging box
Samsung 990 Pro SSD with packaging box

What you need to know

  • Samsung's 990 Pro SSD range is adding another option to the line-up with a 4TB version.

  • This new SSD, including a heatsink, will launch next month at $345.

  • The new 4TB version is in addition to 1TB and 2TB options.

Many love Samsung SSDs and drives from the company's Pro range are popular among PC builders. Their latest 990 Pro SSD, which we reviewed earlier this year and rated highly, will soon take it to the next level by offering a 4TB storage option. This will arrive next month for the cost of $345.

For context, the 2TB option costs $149.99 on Amazon US. The cost for the 2TB is quite reasonable in comparison, and it makes more sense to have two of these over the 4TB if you have the slots available on your PC. Having one SSD is easier to manage, and a larger drive may offer slightly better performance.

With the amount of storage people need rapidly increasing, having fast and plentiful storage does make a difference. Not to mention the benefits to your system and its performance in many tasks. From faster boot times to quicker copying of larger files and even decreasing load times in video games, fast storage is an important component worth spending decent money on.

Samsung 990 Pro SSD
Samsung 990 Pro SSD

It's worth remembering that the Samsung 990 Pro SSD is still a PCIe Gen 4 drive, a specification at the end of its life. We're currently in the process of changing over to PCIe Gen 5. Currently, prices for Gen 5 drives are high, and Samsung does not have this specification available yet. If you want to spend that kind of money on PCIe 5, remember your motherboard must also support the spec. We covered several recent AMD and Intel motherboards with PCIe 5 support. Most now have multiple M.2 SSD slots, too.

For now, PCIe Gen 4 drives are the best value option and are still fast enough for most tasks and the best PC games. Samsung has us covered there, and they are seen as one of the best in the game, with consistently high reviews covering the entire range. Our collection of the best SSD drives here features Samsung heavily. This fantastic deal on the previous-generation Samsung 980 Pro 1TB is also a good option for those looking for an SSD.

The 4TB Samsung 990 Pro SSD will be available next month from various retailers and on

Samsung 990 Pro

Samsung's 990 Pro is a solid upgrade over the prior generation 980 Pro flagship solid-state drive, delivering improvements like support for PCIe Gen 4 and a new controller that helps boost overall speeds, help manage power consumption and efficiency, and deliver better thermal management.