Samsung Unveils First Safety Truck Prototype

Many an accident has occurred because of a driver attempting to overtake a 10-plus wheeler truck. Most of the time, the reason these accidents happen is because the vehicles perform their maneuver without actually knowing or seeing what’s beyond the truck. Even when the truck is driving slowly, any attempt to overtake it always carries the potential risk of accident because they are massive in size and effectively block a driver’s view from seeing what’s happening in front of the truck.

Samsung’s new technology aims to make this problem a thing of the past.

The Samsung Safety Truck comes with a built-in wireless front camera connected to four interconnected image screens located on the back of the truck. The front camera transmits the images that it ‘sees’ out to the back screens, allowing those behind to see what’s in front of the truck.

Here’s a video of Samsung’s new Safety Truck technology in action.

As the technology is still in its prototype stage, Samsung is looking to do more tests and obtain the necessary permits and approvals. So far, Samsung has confirmed that the technology works and that they want to develop the idea further, as it has the potential to save the lives of many people.

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