Sandip University, One of the Best Universities in India Offers Vocational Courses in Multiple Career Fields

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Nowadays, more and more students are opting for vocational courses rather than choosing the mundane, due to the former's emphasis on application based learning. B.Voc courses are the result of new education trend that has been recently introduced in India. Students pursuing B.Voc have increased probability of being hired in various jobs. A unique feature of B.Voc curriculum is that it is a blend application based learning with some theoretical aspects

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In order to keep up with the latest education trends and Government's policy of shifting towards skill education, Sandip university (Nashik Campus) presents B.Voc courses to ensure the learners have adequate skills for future employability. Sandip University is one of the pioneering institutes presently offering courses starting from Diploma to B.Voc degree and the courses are recognised by UGC. Sandip University offers B.Voc courses in various sectors such as - Food Processing, Furniture, Banking and financial services, pharmaceuticals, IT services, Management and Entrepreneurship, Mechnical engineering, life sciences, Civil Engineering, Healthcare, Apparel, Logistics and much more.

B.Voc courses are introduced by the University Grants Commission with the objective to impart adequate knowledge and skills to graduates pursuing higher education for employment and build entrepreneurship. Any student having high school (12th standard) or bachelor degree working full time/part time in any field can opt for B.Voc. The primary objectives of B.Voc program are - to provide judicious amalgamation of educational and professional skills, to provide flexible entry and exit points to the students, to enhance employability of the graduates and meet industry requirements, and to ensure students are well equipped to become part of the global workforce.

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In 2016, UGC's circular has granted B.Voc same status as any other conventional degree. In fact, students can opt for competitive exams or higher studies after B.voc degree. There is no age limit for opting for B.voc diploma/degree program.

There are different certification levels of B.Voc such as -

1st year successful completion-Diploma

2nd year successful completion-Advanced diploma

3rd year successful completion-Bachelors in vocational education.

There are numerous benefits of pursuing B.Voc over traditional bachelors degree. The course curriculum b.voc degree includes 40% theory and 60% practical training. Hence, this course imparts practical skills along with academic knowledge to increase employability. This course helps students stay updated with the dynamic global market. This program equips the students with specific set of skills which are required for a particular trade or profession.

Moreover, as per UGC's circular, students with B.Voc degree are considered eligible for the competitive exams conducted by Union/State Public Service Commission, Staff Selection Commission or other such bodies where the eligibility criteria is 'Bachelor Degree in any discipline.'

Based on Bi-Yearly examination pattern, the Program awards Degree based in the field of work. The University has highly experienced and qualified Trainers for B.Voc courses. Students will do their vocational practical's at their related industries. The students will write their exams at Sandip University campus, Nashik.

Please find attached the list of courses offered by Sandip university campus and also refer to our website for more details.

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