Sarah Cawood reveals struggle of withdrawal from HRT and antidepressants amid cancer battle

Watch: Sarah Cawood reveals she is withdrawing from HRT and anti-depressants

Sarah Cawood has tearfully shared her struggle with withdrawal symptoms as her breast cancer treatment meant she had to stop taking HRT and anti-depressants.

The 50-year-old TV presenter - best known for hosting 90s kids show Live & Kicking - has been prescribed cancer drug Tamoxifen which means she has had to stop taking medication for the menopause and depression.

Cawood said in a video posted on Instagram: "I solve one problem. Then another pops up in its place. Breast cancer is a f**king t**t.

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"I'm asking you lot for a favour today. I'm sorry I look so tired and washed out and s**t…"

Sarah Cawood
Sarah Cawood is struggling with withdrawal from HRT due to a clash with her cancer medication. (Getty Images) (Mike Marsland/WireImage)

She appealed for help from other breast cancer patients on social media for advice on how she can keep her hot flushes and low mood under control, while going through treatment.

Cawood burst into tears, saying: "I'm so sorry. And I didn't wanna cry because everyone will send me nice messages and I won't have time to answer them and I'll feel guilty. But it was like this all weekend and it's just not like me, so I don't know what the solution is..."

The TV presenter and mother-of-two went on: "I hate feeling like this because I don't want life to pass me by, it's so precious.

Sarah Cawood
Sarah Cawood shared an emotional video with her social media followers. (Instagram)

"I need to get rid of the hot flushes but I also need to protect my mental health… so I don't know what to do. I didn't know if anybody had any advice?

"I just wanna feel like myself again…I feel like everyone's p**sing me off. And all my kind and friendliness has gone and I'm hating on my family and I just want to be on my own all the time."

Cawood - known for presenting The Girlie Show for Channel 4 as well as being a Loose Women panellist in 2003 - revealed she had been diagnosed with breast cancer in September.

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She has been documenting her cancer journey on social media for her 18.7k followers.