Sarah Jessica Parker's Off-Duty Look Includes Ripped Sweatpants and Clogs

sarah jessica parker
Sarah Jessica Parker's Off-Duty Look Is So CarrieBACKGRID

Say what you will about Carrie Bradshaw, but her sartorial choices were never boring. Same goes for real-life Carrie, Sarah Jessica Parker, who just this weekend turned heads with her unexpected off-duty look.

The actor was photographed stepping out of her brownstone in New York City this Saturday in a layered outfit that was, frankly, a lot to unpack. On the top, SJP stayed warm in the changing springtime weather with the help of a quilted bomber jacket in an electric navy hue. She even wrapped a gray scarf around her neck for extra coziness and was seen carrying a large black backpack.

sarah jessica parker

But the bottom half is where it got more interesting. Parker trader her usual ballroom skirts for some bulky gray sweatpants that were ripped in one leg, and styled them with black clogs with silver studs and wood soles, which she wore with long black socks.

Then, breaking up the preppy explorer-meets chill milkmaid vibes, the And Just Like That... star added on some large black wrap-around shades from her 2021 collection for Sunglass Hut, and injected some shimmer into the look via some diamond studs.

Her hair was pulled up into a twisted, super-neat ballerina bun, and she wore a black manicure and no makeup.

We’ll probably never know for sure what Parker was up to on that day, in that outfit, but it’s good to see that nearly three decades since the debut of Sex and the City, our ultimate New York It girl hasn’t lost her edge.

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