Sarah Nicole Landry opens up about confidence: 'No one knows if it's real or not'

"A power suit holds no power on the hanger. It belongs to its person."

Sarah Nicole Landry opens up about
Sarah Nicole Landry opens up about "choosing" to be confident. Photo via Instagram/@thebirdspapaya

Sarah Nicole Landry is getting real about confidence.

Over the weekend, the Canadian influencer — better known as The Birds Papaya — took to Instagram to share an inspirational message with fans. In the video, the mom of four can be seen putting on a pair of black trousers over a white bodysuit and applying lipstick.

The body positivity advocate included audio and on-screen text that states,"90 per cent of life is confidence, and the thing about confidence is no one knows if it's real or not."

"A power suit holds no power on the hanger. It belongs to its person," Landry penned in the caption. She pointed out that confidence is often a trait we see in others and "wish that could be us."

"My confidence was not something I ever got to just put on, but instead choose," she continued. "Sliding that power suit onto my body, slapping on the red lipstick, and giving credit where credit is due."

“'Wearing this makes me confident,' Nah. 'I choose to reflect my choice of confidence in this way,'" the Guelph, Ont.-native concluded.

Landry's message garnered applause from fans for her "refreshing" perspective.

"This is so refreshing! Instead of perpetuating the idea that material things and products are what make us confident, it's important to remember that it always comes from within. Thank you for sharing," an Instagram user commented. "Inspiring as always."

"Thank you. Just, thank you. I really hope you know your impact," someone else added.

Another person wrote: "Way to put it into words so beautifully."

"You're so inspiring. Thank you," a fan shared.

Last month, fans praised Landry after sharing another body-positive post with her more than 2 million followers. The mom-of-four shared a carousel of photos posing in front of a black backdrop, wearing a white, sleeveless top and a pair of black underwear, showing off her stretchmarks.

Alongside the photos, she included a caption about honouring her personal growth by respecting her body.

"To be made capable of growth without tearing or breaking is to stretch," she wrote. "So may these images serve as the warm embrace for every moment I cursed the magic of this.

"I wasn’t looking with my own eyes but by the lens I was conditioned to believe to be true," she went on. "So I see the magic now. Yet I do not always love it. But I will respect the hell out of it, for I am capable of growth without breaking."

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