Sarawak firemen rescue ridiculously fat croc from drain

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A gargantuan crocodile found lurking in a drain it couldn’t escape in Limbang, Sarawak, was unceremoniously hauled away by a forklift yesterday.

The 800-kilogram croc was 15-feet long, according to the Fire & Rescue Department of Malaysia, which said it has been sent to the Sarawak Forestry Corp. to live in peace.

“The saltwater crocodile has been moved by our team of firemen with the help of a forklift,” the department said. “It has been sent to the Sarawak Forestry Corporation in Kubong.”

The Limbang fire department said yesterday that the crocodile had been trapped in the drain behind the St. Edmund primary school for an unknown length of time.

Photos from the scene showed at least six firemen restraining the rotund reptile with ropes and posing with their newfound friend.

In the comments, Facebook users sympathized with the crocodile and thanked the firemen for rescuing the reptile.

“How did such a plump creature get stuck in the drain? Where was it going?” Siti Farhany Tumiron asked.

“Thank you to the firemen for saving this crocodile,” Noormah Tahir wrote.

The 800kg crocodile trapped in the drain. Photo: Fire & Rescue Department of Malaysia/Facebook

Saltwater crocodiles are common in Sarawak, where an estimated 13,507 dwelled as of 2015. Male saltwater crocodiles can weigh up to 1,000 kilograms.

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