Sarawakians strike it big with RM15.4 million win


KUALA LUMPUR: A group of Sarawakian punters made up of siblings and friends struck it big, when they pocketed RM15.4 million in the Sports Toto Jackpot.

The group of 12 pooled their money and placed bets on Sports Toto System 3 Lucky Pick ticket and a System 6 ticket.

Little did they realise, the group's bet saw them striking it big on Sept 2.

Two siblings representing the group of 12 flew down from Sarawak recently to claim their winngs at the Sports Toto headquarters, here.

The 55-year-old brother representing the group said the other 10 “shareholders” were very anxious to claim their prizes after learning of the good news on Sunday.

“Therefore, my brother and I left our work behind and come to Kuala Lumpur to claim the winnings on Monday.

“We bought a System 3 Lucky Pick ticket that has the winning pair of numbers – ‘3475 and 9249 and we bought another System 6 ticket to buy the same Lucky Pick numbers again together with another 3 sets of our favourite numbers. That was how we came out with two winning tickets,” he said.

The representative said his priority is to take the money home and distribute the winnings to other members of the group.

Other than the whopping RM15.4 million jackpot, the System Play tickets, allowed the ounters to bet more numbers on a single ticket for greater winning chances The group had also won them an additional RM1,680.

The total jackpot of RM15,550,410.35 was also shared by an i-System ticket winner from Selangor, who walked away with RM165,429.85. © New Straits Times Press (M) Bhd