Sarawak's Matang Wildlife Centre welcomes healthy baby orangutan


KUCHING: The Matang Wildlife Centre here has a new bundle of joy.

The centre welcomed a Bornean orangutan baby at about 10am on Sunday.

News of the birth of the healthy male baby, which has yet to be named, was announced by Sarawak Forestry Corporation (SFC)’s chief executive officer, Wong Ting Chung, today.

Wong said a 12-year-old female orangutan named Tingsan is in stable condition after delivering her baby.

“Currently, the centre is sheltering 31 orangutans, including the latest addition to the species here,” he said.

Wong said efforts taken by the SFC to protect the species are bearing fruit, with the orangutan population in the state now standing at 2,500.

“Apart from the Matang Wildlife Centre, we also have other centres taking care of orangutans, namely Semonggoh, Kuching and Batang Ai, Sri Aman,” Wong added.