Satay restaurant shuttered by authorities after hygiene pics go viral

After graphic photos showing incredibly poor hygiene at a Negeri Sembilan satay shop began to circulate and horrify netizens online, authorities made a not-so surprising visit to the shop to investigate for themselves. Turns out, the photos were painfully accurate, and they have since ordered to shop to close to two weeks to clean up their act.

Behold the original post that piqued the authorities’ interest, and turned countless tummies:

Alleging that the photos first appeared on a separate Facebook group, the writer says that the smell at the restaurant was palpably morbid, with exposed animal carcasses strewn about a blackened floor. Animals roamed around food, with a cat being showed in one photo.

Adding that customers had previously complained that the food itself tasted rotten, they concluded that running a restaurant in such a manner was poor form. Understatement of the day, but there’s still time.

Negeri Sembilan Health Department (JKNS) authorities report that the food outlet was closed as it had violated the Food Act 1983, alleging that the overall cleanliness of the restaurant was bad. Workers did not have typhoid inoculations, cooking utensils were unwashed, and food preparation standards were filthy.

And just like that, we’ll pass on dinner, thanks.

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