Satellite Imagery Shows Nord Stream Pipelines Have Stopped Leaking

The trans-European Nord Stream pipelines that run under the Baltic Sea stopped leaking after being reported damaged late last month, Russia’s Gazprom said on Monday, October 3.

The Russian gas giant said pressure had stabilised in the damaged pipelines and that it was pumping gas out of the undamaged string B of Nord Stream 2 so that its integrity could be checked.

The Swedish Navy said on Monday it had sent a submarine to inspect the damaged pipelines, media reported.

The leaks were first reported last week. What caused the damage to both pipelines was unclear, but authorities in Russia, Denmark, and Poland have not ruled out sabotage.

Satellite imagery taken on October 1 shows bubbling waters above where the gas was leaking, Maxar Technologies told Storyful. Imagery taken on October 3 from the same location shows the leak had stopped. Credit: ©2022 Maxar Technologies via Storyful

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